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Authenticity • Perspective • Integrity

ĀYU Council represents the diverse profession of Āyurveda in the United States of America.

We recognize the full scope of Āyurveda for primary, holistic & sustainable healthcare.




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As an unlicensed profession in the US, Āyurveda has the maximum potential to establish its full scope of practice. Certain groups are trying to limit the scope of Āyurveda. This harms the profession and limits everyone's access to fully holistic, sustainable healthcare.

If you feel passionate about this mission, consider joining AYU Council today as a supporter. Your annual membership fee of $25 goes directly to supporting the goals of advancing Ayurveda in the US.

As a thank you for becoming a supporter we offer our members special benefits:

  • Discounts on classical Ayurvedic medical textbooks on sale at www.ayucouncil.org
  • Discounts on the Foundations of Ayurveda textbook series
  • Volunteer opportunities on active committees at AYU Council

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A strong foundation creates a healthy profession.

Join us and support integrity in Āyurveda.

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