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ĀYU Council represents the diverse profession of American Āyurveda in the United States of America.

We recognize the full scope of Āyurveda for primary, holistic & sustainable health care.





Āyurveda is the world's oldest, continuously practiced health care system. It is based on the laws of the natural world and complex holism. Āyurveda provides a comprehensive, functional framework of inter-dependent factors that form the basis of sustainable human health.

Āyurveda is the original system of holistic, sustainable health care. Its fundamental scientific perspectives offer many insights into the challenges and obstacles of Western medicine.

Today, Āyurveda is experiencing a resurgence in popularity throughout the world. It is especially important to consider it in the context of the recent global pandemic of COVID-19. Read more about general recommendations here.

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As Āyurveda grows worldwide, its practice will be established in countries and customized to meet the needs of various people. Āyurveda has adapted culturally for thousands of years and demonstrated its resilience and flexibility.

Development of Āyurveda in the United States is just beginning. American Āyurveda is the specialized practice of Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) that is customized for the people of the United States of America in the present time.

The practice of Āyurveda and American Āyurveda is unlicensed in all 50 states of the US today. This provides great opportunity to establish a broad practice infused with the depth of extensive, clinical practice. However, due to the lack of high-quality professional education in the US over the last 40 years, Āyurveda's growth has followed a predictable track of dilution through westernization and commercialization.

It is imperative that professionals work toward a complete, holistic and scientific application of the practice through American Āyurveda. Our mission at ĀYU Council is founded on building and establishing the practice with integrity and consistency from the start.

Please support ĀYU Council and the unification of a high-quality, unified profession of American Āyurveda. Become a member today and contribute to

  • supporting the goals of advancing American Āyurveda in the US
  • updating Classical Āyurveda to modern practice in the US
  • unifying professional standards centered on classical Āyurveda
  • upholding the classical tradition of scientific inquiry, research and development 

As a thank you for becoming a supporter we offer our members special benefits:

  • Discounts on classical Ayurvedic medical textbooks on sale at www.ayucouncil.org
  • Discounts on the Foundations of Ayurveda textbook series
  • Volunteer opportunities on active committees at AYU Council

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