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ĀYU Council was founded in 2015 by Dr. Jessica Vellela, BAMS, to represent authentic Āyurveda in the US and recognize the need to raise standards of professional education and practice. The desire and expectations for higher quality of authentic education and practice has taken root in the community, and the key group of professionals has now come together to represent the profession. ĀYU Council welcomes the American Association of Āyurvedic Professionals (AAAP) as the leader in the field of professional Āyurveda today.

As of March 31, 2021, ĀYU Council is officially merging with AAAP to create stronger professional representation. Please consider joining AAAP today in solidarity of Unified Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TĀM) in the West.

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To all of our supporters, colleagues and friends who have worked with us over the years, thank you for your efforts and commitment to growing Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TĀM).

What is Āyurveda?

Āyurveda is the world's oldest, continuously practiced health care system. Mastered and refined in India, it has influenced health care across the globe for centuries.

Āyurveda is the original system of holistic, sustainable health care with foundations on natural laws. Its complex, scientific framework is a functional, interconnected paradigm that is yet to be discovered in Western medicine.

Āyurveda's purpose is to create health, identify the root cause of disease and cure it. The knowledge, wisdom and science of Āyurveda is needed now more than ever.

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Do we need different types of Āyurveda?

Ultimately, there is only one Āyurveda, and that is based on knowledge and practice stored in classical Āyurvedic medical literature.

Practices of Āyurveda may appear to vary from place to place, time to time, and person to person. This is because the traditional practice of Āyurveda inherently recognizes personal needs and provides an adaptable framework for clinical results.

ĀYU Council's mission is to establish, promote and advance Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) for health and happiness. ĀYU Council is fundamentally different from other Āyurvedic organizations.

We are the only organization to create updated educational standards. We recognize schools and practitioners with forward-thinking approaches based on Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM).

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How can Āyurveda help me?

When used properly in personal life, Āyurveda can help almost anyone be healthier. The key is how to use Āyurveda properly. This is usually the most confusing point because on the surface, using Āyurveda can look very different for different people.

Adding Āyurveda to your daily life goes hand-in-hand with learning more about the science, and most importantly, about yourself. ĀYU Council offers free resources to help. When you're ready to learn more, you can find high-quality education online through our recognized schools.

Want to learn more? Meet four experts in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) and Integrative medicine.

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ĀYU Council is redefining professional Āyurveda in the US.

ĀYU Council understands Āyurveda differently. We are establishing a professional practice that is rooted in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM), and developing a forward-thinking, integrative and collaborative practice.

We raise the bar for educational standards.

ĀYU Council is the only professional Āyurvedic organization in the US to 

  • Create updated educational standards based on Indian Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM)
  • Require classical Sanskrit terminology from day one of professional study
  • Accurately represent Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) in the context of American culture and climate
  • Require learning directly from classical Āyurvedic medical compendia

ĀYU Council established a framework of professional infrastructure with four levels of independent and collaborative practice.    

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

We recognize schools teaching classical Āyurveda.

Since its inception, ĀYU Council required its recognized schools to 

  • Base training on Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM)
  • Teach directly from the classical Āyurvedic medical compendia
  • Include adaptations for practice in the US based on American culture and climate
  • Train students on research, testing and development methods to advance clinical practice

ĀYU Council is the first organization to update and standardize the Indian Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) curriculum. Training in Āyurveda is designed for modern education a focus on science and medicine.

Level 1

Level 2

We provide resources and support for professionals in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM).

ĀYU Council recognizes its role and responsibilities to the professional community and strives to 

  • Inform the public on Āyurveda and Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM)
  • Provide professional development resources and networking
  • Identify opportunities for research and development
  • Make complex information more accessible to the public and professional communities through rigorous academic standards
  • Translate classical Āyurvedic Sanskrit terms into clear, relevant and meaningful English concepts
  • Create a platform for Āyurvedic professionals internationally to grow the science in its authentic form

Learn more through this website about the history of Āyurveda, Sanskrit and adaptations for American culture and climate.

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Advancing Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) in the West



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