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The primary foundation for this council is about establishing a higher level of standards regarding professional education and practice in this country, that is rooted in the classical Ayurvedic medical compendia and is applied to current time, place, and people.

Through this council we are taking the science of Ayurveda and its principles that are aligned with these teachings and providing a solid foundation, which is differently done compared to what has already been here. What has been here is a teacher-pupilage lineage of  the teachings and not the direct teachings themselves which is what is being offered through this council and supporting its access more easily and practically.

With the proper guidance, students and future professionals of Ayurveda can get a grasp of the roots and learn them in order to integrate them more fully, practicing more ethically, and competently. In order for competent professionals to exist, it is imperative that they learn the depths and breadths of the classical science and its capacity to serve as a primary healthcare system. 


The specific public benefit purpose of the Corporation is to establish, promote and advance American Ayurveda for health and happiness.

The AYU Council is a Public Benefit Corporation which allows it to prioritize profits for fulfillment of the mission. Funds are allocated directly to supporting the mission, vision and purpose of the Council to improve education, scope and practice of Ayurveda in the United States.

Some examples of this include: establishing competency guidelines for Ayurvedic education, establishing scopes of practice, establishing professional Ayurvedic infrastructure within the legal boundaries of the United States, and providing free low-cost public health education based on Ayurveda.


A strong foundation creates a healthy profession.

Join us and support integrity in Āyurveda.

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